This business of transforming of persons

To our good friends–

It occurred to me last night that what I am, and we are, about is the transforming of persons. This is what it means to rip: we are covered over with a grey film and do not know ourselves. When we rip, we not only see our colored light, but we see that we are all those colors and creativities and light itself!

Last night I wrote: “If I am then in the transforming business, what does this mean? Transforming from what to what? Transforming into human beings…meaning what? Discovering what this means?”

I think this is right: we are much larger than we had thought. We had thought we were money-getting machines, here to put up houses and shopping centers and things people would consume. We after all thought we were consumers. Perhaps we need to think of ourselves as larger than that, as producers, creators, humans.

What can it mean to be human? What could it mean?

I do not know if goodness, truth and beauty are the keys to the universe; I do know that these are some of the basics of human thought, from ancient Greece to now. So these are doorways into what is deeper, what is more truly human.

So we have power/doing, feeling and meaning: things to open us to seeing more, doing more, being more.

Hmm…: goodness-power-doing; beauty-feeling-being; truth-meaning-seeing. Parallels if not synonyms.

:- Doug.

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