There is an underlying crisis

There is an underlying crisis that informs all the others; once we address it, the others will be easier. We are paddling upstream so the going is slow. It is a crisis in meeting each other, making use of our unlimited resources of mind and energy.

We are at a choice point, a life or death crossroads, and giving together is one road, separating and dehumanizing is the other. I set before you life and death: choose life.

We do not really talk with one another, preferring talking at. We fear to open our hearts and minds and souls—someone might take advantage. Yes: us! We might be hurt. Of course we will. We will either way. The larger loss is a life not lived.

If we knead the leaven of conversation into our community, we rise.

If we turn the compost, the whole heap heats up, working.

If we allow ourselves to be heard, we work at our highest levels.

These are our together levels. Here we create, here we live, hear we love. Heard, we are.

:- Doug.

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