Manager-mind is holding us back

It is indeed simple: what we have does not work, and will work less and less as we have more and more population compression. What will work is the new community—meeting each other, hearing each other, working together. How’s that working? Is it getting any better? Then we need to change our ways. If you’re headed toward an abyss, repent. Mid course corrections. All very familiar and common sense. But not so common actions. Now we need to get serious about making it better.

This is the work of the people, not the work of manager-mind.

But there are no enemies. We are our own enemy. We have met the enemy and he is us…. Meeting is indeed the key. When we meet, when we see that other is really like us, then progress is possible, not before.

Indeed manager-mind is what is holding us back. We are trying to progress with both feet staying in the same place! That is a recipe for falling on our face!

How to fall on our face:
Keep both feet stuck in place

Manager-mind is the part of us that says, let’s make the best of what we have, let’s get used to what we are getting and what we are doing and just do them faster and better. If we will not dream of a distinctly different future, all we will get is what we have already gotten—until we run out of that road. Someplace, we need to see that something else is better—and possible.

:- Doug.

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