Conversifying the world

How may we conversify the world?

Please help me refine and mold this concept of conversifying.

People are busy. It will take work to find the right people. We will need to explain and search all over. People have their own projects, and so we need to work with them within those projects.

So what is the hook that will get people conversing about conversing?

Perhaps we need to find the activists, see what needs doing, talk about the need of conversing, and lead into the need of conversifying.

The way to get people engaged is to engage them one on one. You do not have time to do that all. I do not have time. Instead, we need to engage others who will engage others. We need to learn from each other how to do this, we need to make up new ways to fit the new situations we meet every day in a changing worldscape. So we need each other, across projects. We need to talk up talking up, we need to conversify across boundaries, we need to learn and apply and cross-pollinate.

Then too, if we get our volunteers working on more than one project, they can see efficiencies and ways to work together, to make effectivities.

The key is finding ways to engage others, and spread the engaging. The conversifying is about spreading the engaging.

:- Doug.

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