The size of our word

We come to meetings to tell people about our projects, to invite them to use our services, get healthy, but do we engage them? Do we ask their help in something bigger than spreading the word? What word do we ask people to spread? What size is that word? Is it simply to tell others about the health fair next month, or to work together to get us past the epidemic, whatever it might be?

What would be a larger sized word? And does it just involve one way flow or two way or more? How might we truly engage each other that the word becomes the Word becomes the Work becomes the community? Can this word-work make this a better community? What can we try?

I know that conversation does all this. I do not know how—here is a mystery I love to live within, discovering its powers previously covered-over. I love to live out of conversation into larger conversations. Birthing life! Birthing living!

:- Doug.

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