the real ill of this culture

To our good friends–

This seems to me true this morning: the real ill of this culture is the isolation we have from each other.

We are crazy-making when we spend all day talking to ourselves. Hope comes from sitting with some friends and talking about what’s possible. The very rugged individualism which served this country so well has gone berserk, has fed upon itself, has intermarried its sister and produced monsters and psychological illness. Our biggest problem is our severance from each other. When we get with others, we activate our creativity and caring, our higher possibilities and capacities.

We always have more resources than we knew, and we find these not by continuing to look in the same chest of drawers in our room, and under the same furniture there, but rather by looking outside, for the possibilities we seek are bigger than can be in these places, or else why seek at all?

Many have given up seeking: this is the depression which is common among us, and comes and goes. If we get outside of ourselves, if we find a way to help others, our world grows larger. We become more real, more alive.

What do you think? How can we grow our world?

:- Doug.

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