The real and poet’s eyes

So my work for the world is about the real—trees and houses and roads and bridges and rain and snow and mud and muddy snow and muscles and tired and illness and anger and madness and all the rest and all the weariness and clouds and storms and sanctuary. And Wills and Trusts and tax returns. And it is about seeing the really real beyond and especially within and among these things: for we are about the sacred earth, the sacred world. Life and death and nursing homes are the sacred, the profane, and the betweens where we live. Betweens the sacred and profane of course, and also betweens the persons and beings and creatures among whom we find ourselves woven.

So the poem searches us and calls out from us our heart and our spirit and our our-ness.

The poem has us see into the sunrise the hope and Blake’s innumerable company of the heavenly host singing Holy, Holy and not just an orange disk that makes us squint and look away.

Poet’s eyes have us see a newborn as life continuing and innocence and wonder and hope.

Poet’s eyes have us seeing our Wills and Trusts as instruments of true weal and prosperity whatever our finances and extras, seeing our way to giving real value to those who come after.

Poet’s eyes have us to see that when we are settling someone’s affairs we are loving them, loving and nurturing those persons and works they loved, carrying them forward, and challenging ourselves to see with poet’s eyes.

:- Doug.

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