The over-against calls us to life

When we split ourselves off, we lose power and being. We are when we are part. This we intuitively know: we come alive when we join in a task which is “larger than life.”

That larger has a name: love. Call it glue if you like. It calls us together for our being.

“No one is an island.” We really are clods if we break ourselves off from the fertile field.

So the over-against calls us to life.

This is a service we provide each other when we meet: we call each other to life. When we have mismeetings, we have missed life and liveliness. It is possible to live at a higher frequency; so often we choose otherwise. We choose consciously or by default; no matter since it is the same result: we die a little. We become a little more of an It in a world of Its. We could have been a human. We could have had a real confrontation. We could have been larger, more real.

:- Doug.

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