The only way to live

This is the only way to live, as I have seen: to give yourself to your community. It means more than mere parties where no one really gets to know one another, but only talk about wines and trips through Texas. I want more life than this! Have a project. Work on your calling. Join your neighbors and make a better world. The only way to get life is to give it.

So that is why Johnny Appleseed, The Man Who Planted Trees, Peace Pilgrim, Jesus, and others appeal so much to all of us: they gave it all up for other people, larger life. It looks like a sacrifice, but it is opening to receive the gift.

Is this cultural? There must be a large chunk of American culture in this desire to change things, make them better. But it is also human to want to reach out to your family, ever larger, ever larger. To all my relations say the original peoples. How you reach out is your choice, and about what, but reaching out, giving your life for others is a choice we all aspire to.

This is perhaps a big part of the higher appeal I have been looking for. It is not a negative, look how bad thing, but there is hope, there is a better way: We can find it. We are the ones. We can give our lives to larger.

:- Doug.

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