The number of love

When we quantify our aim, we set out for frustration. Numbers were designed by humans to count as many as there are of anything: there is always a next number. So there is always a next goal, we can never never reach the end, we must always settle for less than whole.

Life however consists in wholes: wholes within wholes; wholes connected to wholes; wholes making up and creating larger wholes. In life we can be complete.

These are parallel paths to more, yet one leads to separation and frustration, the other to completion, fullness, connection, and wholeness.

Do we choose More, more, or All us?

Each time you measure what you treasure, it grows smaller. What is the measure of love, of the infinite? Wealthier far than the miser in the counting house is the tribe together wandering the wilderness testing their resources.

:- Doug.

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