The necessity for fingers ever on the tuner

To our good friends–

What is earth changing is not the idea that people can change their world, but the actual trying of it. That leads to the discovery. Once people find it’s true, they can.

Do they? I don’t know. They might slip back into the old ruts. It takes energy, enormous amounts, to change things. For me, it is easier to do my old business and keep my nose to the grindstone. So it may be necessary to make special events every so often to keep people’s energy focused. For it can dampen easily and be deflected by day to day concerns, little or big. Keeping the conversation sustained may be necessary. Open space practitioners who invite the conversants to keep on may be central. Events may be the catalysts without which not.

Does that fit somewhere in the implicate order? Perhaps it says if we want to keep something (action, say) unfolded, we must keep our fingers on the tuner.

The trick it seems at the moment is to keep inviting the conversations. What matters now? Do we need actions or understanding or health or the overcoming of fear? We know. We have the ways. We are the ones needed in this hour.

We are the ones for here and now. No others.

:- Doug.

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