The mysteries of birth

The mystery of birth, the mysteries: How is it that cells can unite and then divide and become something that never before existed? How is it that a soul, a spirit, is embodied, become flesh to dwell among us? How is it that we are stirred, that our hearts beat faster, that we do things in response to this thing we cannot know?

How is it, beyond that, that when one of these beings, us, meets two or more of these beings, more of us, something sometimes ensues, something new in all the world? And this thing new stirs our blood?

Not everybody will want to go here with me, and that is fine. The seed will be planted, the thread, though weak, will have passed through two buttons. Maybe someone else will tie it off.

Birth is mutual: we each give birth to each other. How can that be? Like the old master who asked Jesus how can one be born again, we must indeed be born when we meet, truly meet. It is the purpose and primary effect of meeting.

So there is here, hear, mystery. There is birthing, there is new life. We are given this opportunity to live anew, to birth life anew.

:- Doug.

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