The little beasties are doing this to us

We see the beast in front of us—the Internet—and how it is changing not only our lives but the way we think, even our spirituality. We meet and count as friends and good people folks from other countries we never hope to visit.

But in all this we miss the little beasties nipping at our toes. And these stand to make the bigger change, a transformation unseen until nearly complete. A change in how we see and interrelate with organizations and each other. I speak of the “smart” things all around us—phones of course, but auto engines, credit cards, implanted chips in our pets and hearts and brains. What our beasties do is pancake our world. Everything that matters is more and more people and connections and info. Everything that matters is everything. So too we will come to think of our organizations—we will see beyond walls and silos, beyond sales and customers and suppliers and friend and enemy. The little beasties are doing this to us.

:- Doug.

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