The issues of our day

This is about the issues of our day, and the issue of the issues, the crisis of the crises, the cord that runs through them all that makes it so hard to get a handle on what we should do.

We should do. That is the simple and complex answer. It is difficult. Our problems are interlaced. We have told ourselves that other people are in charge, they will solve it. The problem is, all we have is ourselves. There is nobody else. We are the ones for whom we have been waiting. This is not just the fine sounding statement of our aboriginal elders for our time, this is the crux of all times: we are the ones.

What are we to do? Do. Who are we to do it with? Each of us who will. How? Conversing. Collaborating. We are the ones. Now is the time. Hear is the way.

Global population compression threatens us: war, anger, starvation, pandemics, poverty, disease. If we do not converse—and converse deeply, widely, intricately, causally, and committedly—our grandchildren are at risk.

We have never had to talk like this before. We have never had the planet at stake. We have never had our species at stake. We have never had the opportunities to lift us all.

Now is the time. Hear is the way.

So what we are about is working in the foundation beneath the individual issues. We are connecting people across issues. We are inventing ways to work on all the issues, creating pathways and neural connections to a larger mind, a larger collaboration, a conscious evolution.

This means getting people together to work on individual issues with an eye always on what we are doing—the ways are the underlying issue. Process is what we must invent. Meeting is what we need to grow organically.

:- Doug.

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