The good of business

A business: possible? Me?
A lot of money it will take
But I can do this

Money is not the problem
Ideas and energy and caring
Are key

If we had money, money
We’d not work to create ideas
And if we only chased the buck
Then we end with no business
No money

So does this one have heart?
Does he and she—do we—
Really care
About the people
The good we do for people
More than the money?
More even than
I can do this?

Much as I want to
I resolve to not tell you what you
Want to hear—
Ways to squeeze another person
That your chasing a buck is good
That someday you might become
A philanthropist, doing good:

Instead, I resolve to invite you
To do your good now
While you are as young as you are
While you have good ideas
While you can invent
While you are strong
And full of energy—

Share your best
Spread it about
Think not of yourself
Think of how you can

Think what good you can do
With the good you are

:- Doug.

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