Ten questions I’m asking

Ten questions I’m asking my 300-year grandchild elders: This is a challenge to me to hear my 300-year grandchild elders: perhaps I have been focusing on speaking to or at them, not with them, on my message. How might I hear? What questions might I ask that would have me hearing unexpected things? How might I ask questions which do not presuppose the answers, do not direct the responses?

One thought is clean language: What metaphors do they have? What metaphors do I use that might not transfer well, or that might be incomprehensible? We are a metaphoric species. We seek meaning, and often use metaphors as carriers. (Carriers is a metaphor, seek probably is too, as is transfer.)

We used to talk about Martians landing here not understanding our language. And yet we will be the Martians to our 300-year grandchild elders. Both Martian and 300-year grandchild elders are metaphors.

:- Doug.

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