Still the three kinds of conversation buzz

Still the three kinds of conversation are buzzing about: Conversation-1 is transferring information; Conversation-2 is acting upon things; and Conversation-3 is acting upon the actors.

People know these levels and how to go there: seldom do we have the opportunity to choose. Community disorganizing then is giving people a chance to go to whatever of these levels they might choose.

People move information; people move the world; people move.

People move information: it might be humor or small talk (designed to move the information that I am a friendly, reliable, whatever kind of person I want you to know I am) or a 300 page business report. People move the world: this might range from Please pick up that scrap of paper, to organizing a church potluck. People move: here people take ownership of a project and are at the threshold of meeting and co-creating each other.

People engage top of head; people engage brain and muscle; people engage heart and guts. Conversation starts at the extremities and moves toward center.

:- Doug.

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