Stammering in the Wind

To our good friends–

Be the wind, not the flame: we talk a lot about flames and fire and exploding; I talk a lot about them. It is perhaps more fruitful to be the wind, blowing, whispering around the flames, feeding them, wrapping around people’s arms and legs and hearts and heads, beckoning to them, enticing them with aromas from all over, fanning the flames, blowing through their hair, than to be the fire. The wind destroys and the wind fills the sails; the wind touches and lifts the eyes; the wind rages and lowers the eyes; the wind caresses and the wind rebuffs; the wind chills to the bone and warms the heart. I like being in the wind and being the wind.

Stammering: it is my lot perhaps not to have the right words at all times, or especially when I want them. Sometimes I make sense, sometimes I blabber incoherently: but who is to tell whether it is sense or not, and in what sense? It is helpful just to love and to stir. Someone may turn. Take no thought for your words or the morrow: these things will be provided in the wind, the breath of G-d. So open my mouth that conversation may begin; trust the people; trust G-d to make good the promise of conversation. What are the promises? Persons brought forth, worlds changed, people come together, we see and act.

:- Doug.

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