sprouting out all over!

G*d is sprouting out all over!
Walking in the autumn woods I see:
Trees sprouted out of the earth, large ones
new ones, seedlings, fallen ones
grasses and seeds, seeds with prickles
seeds with wings, flying
spider webs, gnats, mosquitoes
—all of these G*d in many masks
yet not masks, revealers
a leaf falls past my eye, beside my path
lands, to return food to the soil for a hundred
other plants, all G*d emerging
and for the earthworms, G*d crawling, with
no eyes, but all heart
the wind blows the leaf a little ways to the
better spot
shrubs and broken limbs, coming up, going back
a respiration of solids, whatever that means
all over!
Look and see and hear

:- Doug.

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