Specific enough? Beyond Issues and Opportunities…

To our good friends–

A general direction is preferable to a distinct target. For life is not a convergent problem with one goal, one target, one place to get to. It is divergent, with many things, a cornucopia, some of which are good and some bad. So it is up for us to find a direction, the direction of that which is good and wholesome and fulfilling and completing, not those which are divisive and killing and unjust.

Thus the purpose of conversation is to find and nurture and expand the good, to find a world that works for all, that allows all to be whole and complete, but it has no goal.

Thus we can perhaps have a purpose but no goal, a vision but no aim.

Where does that get us?

To the place of saying we have an aim in conversation of creativity and working together for something that is good and fulfilling, but no goal of a particular outcome. We are not pre-selecting, not prejudicing the outcome, but we do seek an outcome that is good and life-giving, life-enhancing. What that might be in particulars and specifics is what we leave open.

The concept needs to be cleared.

The purpose is coming up with new solutions. Engaging creativity. Living together despite our differences, in celebration of our differences. Working together. Working on a specific project to accomplish concrete things.

So perhaps our immigration conversations for example could be not Issues and Opportunities, rather: What projects can we work on together? How can we get on with the business of making life better for our nation of immigrants?

:- Doug.

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