Violence we want to overcome, not war

Colors and rainbows I see and hear; work as well. We cannot haveā€”it does not seem to be given us to have all sweetness and light, harmony and unity among all peoples. There is something eternal about conflict and differences. Yet there is a oneness here. It is given to us to work this out. Work it is. Never complete, always calling to us: work with us to work for us, through the wars and conflicts.

It is violence we want to overcome, not war. Eternally there will be wars of ideas. This is good. This is growth. This is life.

Colors clash on occasion. They can work together, but even in the rainbow each shines. So it is work to work together. It is work to listen; work to hear. It is work to withhold violence; work to give confirmation as person to one whose ideas are contrary to ours. We are the colors. Can we weave colors? Can we encourage joining and shining out, gathering and loosening?

:- Doug.

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