Sin is wrong-headedness…

Sin is wrong-headedness; death is life not lived. We can be freed of our wrong-headedness—failure to hear—to converse—and of life poured away—when we meet. Not taking up our opportunities to converse claps manacles and chains upon our wrists and ankles more surely than tyrants.

So the wages of sin, of refusing to listen and include and seek out to hear other people is that we are not living. We become walking corpses.

This is radical. It sounds like it would be easy to make moralized and kill. But wrong-headedness is of course toward the ground of all being, loving and living: it is killing, it is raping, it is dishonoring, it is stealing the well-being of our neighbor and his and her peace of mind. In this light we can love every one of us: some are missing the mark of including, whose name is love.

:- Doug.

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