See more of life’s spirals

We can be aware of life’s spirals at any stage in the process. The object and the advantage is to see more of the stages, more of the process, and ultimately more of whatever contains the process.

We are perhaps only aware of what we see as the “facts” of the It world. Fine. Then let us proceed from where we are; how could we start from any other place?

We can admit that someday this too shall die. From that glimpse we can imagine that we see that something else might replace these facts. We can see that the replacement might be better for different times. We could explore that some replacement might be better for these times. Or accommodate ourselves to the idea that someone else might have a different observation point (and it might even be legitimate!). We have suspended, and stepped into replacement. Then can we free ourselves from our present ideas, even for a few seconds, can we let go the idea that what is is the only way?

Here then is the next step: start it all over.

:- Doug.

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