Red cardinal, red cardinal

To our good friends–

There is always much to do. It is a matter of choosing and doing. We need to kick ourselves in the pants. Actually, we cannot do that, it is only a service others can provide for us. Kind of like the picture of Heaven with the splinted arms at the banquet. You’ve heard that story. Now realize that the second part of that story is that it is already that way on earth. In order to get the right things done in this world, we need a kick in the pants every so often, and we cannot do that physically. It takes someone else.

The bright red cardinal is under the deck at the moment, exploring. He is lovely to look at, startling in his brightness. And going about his business somehow touches me.

How he survives, but it is just a garden of Eden for him: everything he needs is there for the eating or moving to his nest. Keep busy, keep busy. Love, serve others, make yourself useful. Find what needs doing and do it. Get your kick in the pants from looking, asking, listening to the story.

Red cardinal, red cardinal, what word do you bring me? Be useful, be useful!

:- Doug.

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