Reciprocity births emergence

To our good friends–

In beginning is reciprocity. In fact, beginning is reciprocity. Buber says that first comes the desire for relation. This is reciprocity, this is love. G*d is love, G*d is reciprocity. From this all creation flows. It must flow from this: reciprocity births emergence. This is what Chris Corrigan speaks of (# 65): “our own capacities to connect and create emergence with others….” Emergence happens from the primary desire to relate, to be part. We long to be part of another, one another, a larger whole. This is our deepest, most primal longing. To be intimate.

We are reaching for the reaching back. This is why it was necessary that G*d create creation. It is inevitable. Creation, that is bringing forth the reaching back, emanates from the reaching forth. Primal is love. It is urge and necessity. It is truth. By reaching forth the reaching back sprang—and ever springs—forth toward G*d.

Why does there have to be anything, any G*d, is a mystery. Perhaps there is no necessity to it at all. But when there is one, this one must be love, this one must be a reaching for the reaching back.

It is happening now, this springing forth, this reaching for you—and more than that, reaching for us. Reaching for intimacy as action, reaching out, reaching out, embracing, seeking wider embracing.

:- Doug.

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