Random radical instanteous acts of opening space

To our good friends–

Last evening I read about a book where churches are doing ministry by bringing radical acts of kindness, like nachos and salsa and skate boards and car repairs to their space. Also read about a group of people doing kind things for strangers, like paying the toll for the next driver, paying for the meal for the next person in line, leaving an anonymous gift somewhere. Then I think of Fran Peavey and want to combine this all in Open Space. Random radical instanteous acts of opening space. What might that look like?

It is living-kindness. It is spacing it. It is opening.

It is turning and telling jokes with the person behind you in line, and opening just a little space for making the world better. Don’t you just wish you could do something about that? What if we…?

Point out the kindness already extant. Build on life. Expect it in others. Assume living-kindness beats in this heart. Expect life. Grow on it. Grow with it.

Expect! I am expecting!

:- Doug.

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