No one knows. All have limited viewing posts. All have small poke-holes. When we let our rainbows out, will we be able to stand the light? Yet we must, we must.

Ripping the grey cloth: there is a little poke-hole for me, for you: we must rip. When we see, we help others to see. When we meet, we open poke-holes. When we open poke-holes, we change the world. We transform ourselves. We grow to what is real. Truth is probably not the thing, truth is probably only a distant relative of, a shadow of, a map of, what is real.

It is essential for this planet and her peoples that we see the real. There is more, ever more. Quoth the raven. For if we are to keep from killing ourselves and the earth, we must meet the real. Every moment is a crucial turning point. We either turn right or into the mire. We must use all we have. We must meet with our whole beings. This is hard work. Shrink not, neither fear. If you die, so what? You have fully spent yourself in the real.

To meet the real: this is the purpose. So far as I see it at this moment. This is the question we all have: what is real, what matters, how do I meet it? How do we meet it?

:- Doug.

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