People! Give head and heart!

People! Give head and heart (and see how necessary it is to give head and heart) to the world we are part of together. Jump in—the water’s yours and mine! I have noticed that the least effort often gives us the least results. Or the least favorable results. Throw the trash at the wastebasket…and miss. Go over and pick it up and drop it in. It would have been less effort to go over and drop it in to begin with. It is not just laziness, just taking the easy way. If we want to get something made better in this world, it is our destiny and duty to make the effort ourselves. Not complain to the government or some official. We are official—official people, official agents, official causes of something better.

It is a necessity. Not only do governments and officials and companies have less money these days, they always have their hearts and heads elsewhere. If we are the ones to see the need and opportunity, we are the ones to act.

More than this: we have hearts and heads that never ever will exist again in space-time. The humanity we bring, the heights we can take us all, the preparations we can make for our grandchildren: these will all be lost to the generations unless we act. And before we act, we must decide: are we just dead weight, or all in?

:- Doug.

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