People do change

People point to the peccadilloes of politicians and the stupidities of CEOs and say, See, the human animal has not changed. What they are saying is, It is not worth making efforts to improve the world.

That is sad, because we can do better.

From modern brain science we learn that we have some things which were good at one time and not so good now: this is why we say the more things change the more they stay the same. So these folks are right, but they stop short. Controlling ancestral urges built in to the older parts of our brains is not like pressing a key on a keypad and a better thing pops up in our life.

Yet things do change and are changing and we are discovering new things about ourselves. For one, this very brain science lets us understand ourselves better and grow beyond the older urges. For another, we are learning that the more we are different from each other the more we are the same. For another, we are learning from each other’s history as we come together around the planet and discover each other’s points of view, metaphors, theologies and great stories.

We are able to go beyond.

And beyond we will make new mistakes. And the old ones all over again. And we will do better and larger things. If we work at it.

:- Doug.

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