open you

A User’s Guide—words and thoughts to open you:
Balamah, village of mystery
Circles about Harrison
Dancers, Drummers, horn players
Expectations of rhythms swirling
Flowing people, flowing, flowing
Geometry sacred more profane
However it comes evokes humanity
Inviting initiations, issues, opportunities
Joining collaborative effort
Kin we are to bees and butterflies
Large rooms, small, all space for the law
Medicine wheels, morning gatherings, mobility
News walls
OSonOS: what kind of a word is that?
Passion it elicits from us
Quantum of Spirit its mythos
Reflections on responsibility in a shoe factory
Space likes to be held, to hold lightly the
Tibetan temple bells calling calling
Unexpected situations call us to our own
Village marketplace
Walls somehow create space
Xenophobes make friends of the strange and
Yawning, the man in the hat disappears to

:- Doug.

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