Of what all can you be conscious?

Try this for your meditation today: of what all can you be conscious?

Your body: how do your legs, feet, hands feel? Upon what are they resting? What is touching them, and how does that touch feel?

Thoughts: What were the last six thoughts you had? What does the breath feel like in you throat, your lungs?

What are your emotions?

What is your waking state? Alert, drowsy?

What are you noticing? What sounds are there about you—the heating or cooling system, the birds outside your window?

Others: Are others moving about you, whether you can see them or not? Are they likely thinking? What are they likely doing, feeling? What are the animals and insects up to?

Meaning: What is the meaning of this moment for this moment? For your life’s span? About whom are you thinking? Whom else?

Fit: How do you fit in the universe? How does the universe fit in you?

Process: What is the process moving within the cosmos? What is the all there is? What occupies the betweens and the spaces? What is it up to?

:- Doug.

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