Of the anawim, callings: Alphas not Omegas

To our good friends–

The poem from yesterday still rings true for me–some darkness, some justice, some compost, all invitation, all anawim.

The reason G-d is so attentive to the anawim is not that they are lowly, nor even that they are in pain, although compassion is important, it is that G-d loves us all, and the rich and strong already have what they need; therefore compassion fills the need and lifts all, not to level but to higher.

Damp and sacred heat supplying: we need that sacred heat and the anawim have it. The poor, the meek, the many: the more is related to you, you have the sacred the holy within you. It is not blessed to be poor, but that even these will be blessed, happy.

The working of the scraps in dark and sacred places: in secret working its way to the roots and thence to the daylight. Meeting, conversation: it is what works in us and between us, secretly, silently at times, a wind that moves among us, a spirit at work, working, working. Until we are changed, transformed, born anew.

What do we do about it? That is up to us to figure out. That is why we are here. Callings are not so much to a specific path as to a direction. We choose, even design the path: that is our work, our doing. What is my calling we ask into the night and there is no voice heard responding. All we know is there is an urging: forward, upward, toward something–but what? This is the calling. Nothing more, yet all of that. There is much here, and much room for us to make much here. What is the direction? Toward what Omega are we heading? Simply compassion, fulfillment of compassion, which is an opening out, ever opening, ever embracing. Not ends so much as beginnings. Alphas not Omegas.

:- Doug.

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