Non violence tends to define itself by violence….

Nonviolence tends to define itself by violence. It looks at situations as so much conflict that putting the parties together ensures knocking heads. It assumes conflicts, repulsion, fight. Instead of treating the person and his or her role differently, have we tried treating the person as a person? If we start with person, role recedes.

To see the world through the lens of expecting that everything will be war and people opposing each other, gives the world a certain tint from the start, and so this I think cannot do other than to color our approach to others.

This is not for the good. If we expect battles we put on armor, even if only in the sense of preparing our hearts and minds to attack. It is much harder to open and love.

So non violent activists could stand elsewhere. They are standing in violence, as in a field of knee deep excrement, and preaching We gotta get outa this place! Why stand there in the first place? Too much do we define ourselves by what we are not rather than who we are and what we do. What if we were love activists, love activators? What if we stopped labeling altogether, all together?

:- Doug.

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