No tomatoes

O! To be able to tell what I see! I see a garden of flowers and vegetables—colors and shapes, fragrances, tall and short, touched by the breezes, visited by bees and butterflies, an ecosystem growing living cooperating. Someone comes along, someone who has never seen tomatoes before, someone who refuses to eat them and moreover demands that they be uprooted and thrown far away from here because they are obviously poison! And the plants which depend upon the tomatoes lose vitality, a little at first, more later. And the person’s health declines, and all suffers as he extirpates more and more of the garden, declaring all he needs to eat is corn, the colors of the flowers are only a disturbing nuisance not to be tolerated. Season after season the corn depletes the earth of the nutrients the corn needs, and the crops grow sicklier and the man. Across the way, beyond the fence is his vigorous neighbor, waving to him, offering him some of the bounty of her garden. And he will not, for he put up the fence. In variety she grows strong and full of health.

:- Doug.

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