No permanent resting place

To our good friends–

What does it mean to have no permanent resting place? it means to be ever on the move. It is movement. Energy. Dynamics. It means you are not held to conventional wisdom: often you do not know it; it does not apply to you; you are expected to raise questions–and dreams. It means seeing new things and seeing new. You are beholden to the graciousness of strangers no longer strange. This journey is undertaken communally, together with others who have no permanent resting place. It means risking being changed, living out change. It means living out compassion. Beyond the mental level, it means to give one’s heart–abililty to go on–over to what may happen–for what choice is there? It means to live your story in the midst of others and life. It means to companion–eat bread with–others and especially whatever it is that overarches all of life. It means living invested with this larger, this sacred.

:- Doug.

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