MTV the precursor of a more skilled critical thinking population?

To our good friends–

It occurred to me as I was reading a historian who wrote that we do not know what people thought 2000 or more years ago, that people 50 years from not might say the same thing about us, despite our many words and writings. What if they learn better ways to communicate, to think in depth, to carry their effect into the future? What might those ways be? Perhaps they are about direct contact: heart to heart. This might put a premium on the visual and kinesthetic: drawing and painting and dance. That might mean that MTV is the precursor of a more skilled critical thinking population. The MTV generation might be learning and teaching us how to think (or whatever we humans need to do) more deeply, more truly.

That raises the question: just what is important? What should we be communicating, especially to and for those who “read” our history?

:- Doug.

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