Metaphor all about us

Metaphor is all about us: the open skies—or closed over—the breeze, the green open spaces, the roads leading us to the future—one future only—rows of chairs facing the only person whose message matters, the height of the chairs in the council and board chambers. All these things convey a message we always catch. It is so strong and subtle, we surprise ourselves when we say it out loud.

Saying it out loud is a radical, rebellious act, something that will get me thrown out of the room. It may in fact close down the conversation as much as it opens it. A 50/50 chance at a necessary conversation is better than none. But is there a better way? Can we be kind about it? Sure. Seek it out. Tease it out. Invent.

The prophetic voice can be soft and kindly.

:- Doug.

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