Let’s infiltrate

Let’s infiltrate. Let’s take the human fibres that still exist in corporations and activate them.

The object of everything is not profit: only life. Shareholders want to live. They invest money to live. They give to others. They want others to live. The large corporations do not serve the shareholders, they only serve their own sense of pride in growth and numbers. The secretary of the corporation votes the largest block of shares, solicited by the management. Those shareholders do not care how the corporation does, nor what, as long as they are helped to live. The work of the business is ultimately to help people live. Even if the business is capital goods for other businesses seven times removed from human beings.

So let’s get our league of infiltrators to meet, to engage, to bring human and life centric thinking to the fore. Let’s be real.

Let us dare to speak this truth to one another. Maybe eventually we will dare to speak this truth to those in power: Remember you are alive. Remember life. Memento vitae.

:- Doug.

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