What is the real divine sacrifice?

What is the real divine sacrifice? It is Jesus dying on the cross, but not to buy off an angry god. It is the giving of his life entire for his friends, as we all should, if we are to have life abundantly. Who loses his or her life gains it. It is a we thing.

Why so horrible a death? You do not have to fear death, even death on a cross—it cannot touch you. Cruelty is judgment. Love overcomes cruelty. What is worse than cruelty? Fear. Love overcomes fear.

How is it fruitful to die horribly, painfully, under sentence? It says the “they” cannot sentence life. It says Judgment cannot stop Life. Life, imagination, love: all this is eternal. Death and Judgment is temporary only: is nothing. So the worst Judgment is a nothing, because it seeks to divide what no man can put asunder, it seeks to hinder, hamper, hold life—which cannot be done, because these are negatives, not contraries.

:- Doug.

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