Today, I just want to get on with things

Today I just want to get on with things.

This is a Western and Northern hemisphere kind of thinking, this getting on with things. It is seeing time as an arrow not a circle and as one thing at a “time” and not as many things at once. It is dominance thinking, truly, for the notion of getting on with it dominates all other thoughts, saying this is the only way. The idea that we can let things happen as they will, let people be whom they will, let life roll over and around us is clearly non dominating. Either is a choice open to us. Do we need to earn money? Do we need to pay the mortgage? Do we need to be unhappy? No to all of these. Do we need to eat? Do we need to sleep, to play, to love, to touch, to be touched, to be heard? Yes. But there is no writing that says it can only be done one way.

Do the clouds in the sky only take one shape? Do they rigidly stay the same size and form and stand in one place and say they will not be moved? Yet they live and laugh and cry and form and reform, pouring out their bounty in each stage.

So can we live as the clouds, laughing and flying and playing and going and coming another day?

We are more than the clouds, but not less. We can both choose to go with the winds and to shape the winds. We can imagine! And so we can fly higher than the clouds, morph in more ways, love and give in higher ways.

Whether or not this is of the strongest of metaphors, we can learn from it: we can relax and allow while we choose. We can imagine and work as well as let the world and allow others.

:- Doug.

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