A role for OST in Complementary Currency?

To our good friends–

I have been wondering: Is there a role for OS in helping a community adopt a complementary currency? Is this too much of an education project, at least at the start?

We are working on this in our South Bend–Michiana–St. Joseph and Marshall County areas in Indiana, and I keep asking myself these questions.

In a big way, there are a lot of questions and a lot of information needs to be assimilated and transferred. On the other hand, there is so much complexity that we could be forever in the What are the possibilities stage and never get to implementation. Implementation is what OST is good at. Also, our committee seems to have decided on a certain model out of many, and it feels a little top-down, a little like there could be more creativity brought to bear if we got more heads and hearts actively involved. OST would bring us that.

Maybe Ted Ernst or Michael Herman would have some experience or ideas that would help.

:- Doug.

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