Is future orientation cultural? Is it best? What might be better?…

Is future orientation cultural? Is it best? What might be better? Would you agree the job is to place ourselves in the whole context (which means literally, plaiting together), to see what is truly here?

There are two forms of Now which our cultures work from: 1. the Little Now, or Weak Now, and 2. the Big Now, or Strong Now. The Weak Now is the one in which we live ignorant of the past and the future, or at least not caring about either. This is the Now of the drug cultures and the poverty cultures where it is all about feeling good for yourself each instant. You are getting blotto or sexually stimulated or holding your babies to your breast and this is all that exists or can ever exist. You do nothing about anything but let it wash over you. The Strong Now is one in which the past is acknowledged and where appropriate revered and the future is something upon which to work in the present; all of that, plus the pleasure and pain of the moment enter in and form one larger whole. You hear the call of the past, you hear echoes of the future, you are in the face of what is. You take in, you reflect, you act.

:- Doug.

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