Inviting 100% of the people

How do we include all those people? First, my view needs to widen enough to embrace all these world stances: to allow people who just want to follow to do so, to allow those who want to control a way to do so; to allow people to be whom they are and want to be. Second, an education challenge awaits: to bring people to a place where they can see others’ points of view.

Some want a world that works for 100% of the people—some not. The some not need to be exposed to the benefits of doing so. We cannot impose upon them, neither ethically nor in point of fact. But those of us who see it is possible can help others see what is possible—help them see another island-star upon which to stand—and this will move us toward critical mass.

So we invite more people, we tell the story more.

:- Doug.

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