In touch with gooey green cheese

Live ever in touch with the larger. This is essential to life. Why? The world in which we live consists in at least two things and those maybe in equal measure: what we perceive by our senses and how we mold those perceptions with our minds, our hearts, and our wills. Where is the larger in that? Clearly it is not all out there and a case can be made that the in here is infinite. Together is the larger. Or connected to it. The larger is not merely in one of us nor yet in a bunch of us—it is in the between of us.

In touch therefore means opening in all possible ways: the five bodily senses; meditation/contemplation; conversation; journaling; reading; and more. Pay attention. Engage.

Engage those who engage.

And not for little o our good. For big O Our good: the whole. This means doing good for others. Not just our family but for people we may never meet. All life. All stars.

We find ourselves at the center of it all. If we pay attention.

The center is gooey green cheese. Or whatever we say it is. However fantastic, we can make something of what was said, we can mold ourselves, our hearts, our minds. Big O Our.

Our hearts we under-develop in our age, even denigrate. Our will in some senses we ignore. So our becomes little o. We center our lives in detached little balls, bouncing off one another, protecting ourselves from one another. If we but once open our brittle shells and let one another and the larger in, we would find we can live larger.

In short: if we touch the larger we find ourselves larger. Transformed we live larger.

Opened we live opening.

:- Doug.

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