Imagination! You can’t handle your imagination!

Let us lift our eyes to larger views of the human setting. We have suppressed our imagination—others have not done it to us or for us. It is we ourselves.

But still we have taken the imagination away from the shadows thrown on the wall by hands in front of a light, and from sitting in front of a fire, and replaced them with the far easier pre-digested shadows—with living color—on a small screen, signifying nothing: leaving us no room to create for ourselves. Leaving us no room to create ourselves.

We need the freedom to create, and we have put that away in a box on a shelf so we can forget. We take our truth and our imagination from people in Washington, DC and in newsrooms—and that truth and that imagination in small doses, for fear that the medicine is too strong for us. Perhaps it is.

“Truth! You can’t handle the truth!” may be our own indictment of ourselves. Imagination! You can’t handle your imagination!

And yet, once in a while we have Star Wars or Phantasia or The White Tulip Movement which does change things, does bring the box off the shelf and we…become ourselves and us again.

Help us to throw away the box and forever keep the contents scattering, whirling, spiraling, weaving, living!

:- Doug.

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