I invite you to an elder’s quest

You are vital to the changing of the world—you who are the elders of our tribe, you who are the people who are marginalized—you are central to the change we need to have in this old world. Your voices need to be heard and you can be heard. You can stir up the conversations that constitute the winds of change, the winds of inspiration, the winds of can-do. You can engage, you can invite. You can invite others to engage and invite. You make a difference. There is work for you to do.

I do not come to you to give you a small task, to make your days better. Your days may be full of turmoil and toil if you do what I invite you to. Your days may be full of accomplishment and sharing of who you are and what you have learned and what you still can do. I cannot predict the future. I only know that time will pass and so will all of us, and while we are here we still have a chance. A chance to make this world better, to give our all for love.

I come today asking you to stretch. To stretch toward your wisdom, more importantly to stretch toward who you are, most importantly to stretch together toward who we all are. I ask you to stretch to take the risk of inviting others, to take the risk of hearing others, to take the risk of giving your voice to the world. I invite you to share your story and hear others. I invite you to engage younger and older in the quest for a better world: for peace, for justice, for love.

:- Doug.

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