What can we try?

What does it mean to devote the here and hear to the there? What does it mean to have the now authenticate the then? It means to live the then now, it means to hear here if we want to hear there.

What can we try? Hearing.

What can we try? Being vulnerably present.

What can we try? Saying our peace.

Saying our peace, our fullness. Honoring our insights by speaking them. Honoring our insights by hearing them, giving them time and space in conversation to take to wing, and then letting them cut the airy way.

What can we try? Hearing the person on the next phone call.

What can we try? Silence after the person speaks, asking for silence to consider his or her contribution.

What can we try? Asking for time to complete our contribution.

What can we try? Asking for us to accept that what the other person has said is their reaching toward truth, and that we are all on the same quest for the real, the whole, the good.

What can we try? Listening not just to words but to emotions and for the more beyond both.

What can we try? Meeting others as persons who matter.

What can we try? We can ask for others’ ideas. We can play off their ideas. We can hear. We can take in.

What can we try?

Friend, this is challenge. This is not easy stuff. It takes courage to speak up and ask for silence. It takes courage to meet in a new way, however old that way actually is. It takes courage to drop masks which we think are shields to protect us from the world, when in reality they are gloves which prevent us from touching.

It takes time, but saves us the decades of dancing around the real into which “getting on with it” leads us.

What can we try?

:- Doug.

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