Healing my own divisions….

To my good friends–

I have a division in my thinking about the world. This division needs healing. It is a split of the skin between business people and the rest of persons. The healing is possible here: business people in their ads are often saying Notice me. I count. I’m important. In their decisions they are often saying I want to get ahead because I want safety and security, not to have to worry if I will life free next year or in retirement. There may be greed, but it grows out of these. They are human. They are stuck, in themselves. They need healing, too. Compassion is prescribed.

It’s perhaps a language issue. Since I have been in both worlds–business and caring, basic and unitary Christianity for instance–I am capable of working out the bridges. Do I want to? Is there enough to do without this bridge building work? Is the bridge perhaps not language so much as just meeting and getting busy–that is conversing?

:- Doug.

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