Great boys and great magnets

Possibilities of what happened:

1. A great boy is experimenting and causes an explosion. After a bit he tires of the thing and wanders off to new mischief. The question is, What sort of boy?

2. Another great boy makes an explosion and stays with it, feeding the conflagration, stirring. Same question.

3. The explosion, or singularity, happens like oily rags self-combusting, only this “time” without oil, without rags. The shards continue going out, colliding randomly without end. The question is: Is there a why for the explosion?

4. A great magnet of sorts, more ethereal than physical, draws all forth and out, and if you logically follow it where “you” have been, you arrive at an explosion, a singularity, leaving you with a question: What sort of magnet?

5. It all never started, will never end either: It is like a perception in, or manufacture of, your mind. You see Mom as good, some other sees her as the personification of evil; there is no way for you to ever know if the color I see as the deep blue of the sky is the color you take in from the same sky. The question raised is: Is there a reality? What matters and why? It is all random and absurd? Where is love?

:- Doug.

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