Going-deeper work

Transformation is going deeper work, toward bedrock, which for us is as the bedrock of atoms: moving, always moving, nothing solid, solid is an illusion brought to us by movement, and transformation is the work of all of us. Transformation is moving us along this winding spiraling deepening path from I-It to I-Thou, to Among us, to Poetry, to Whole-making. When we arrive we find there are ever more spirals.

The task is urgent: we think we are separate, we feel threatened, we scream instead of singing, we stop our ears and whistle a tune to block out the world: we hurt. We hurt until we see the need of healing…others. So we begin the spiraling journey to healing once more. If enough of us work on healing, we might get there quicker each time, and get done some work forward.

:- Doug.

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